Military, Coastguards, Search & Rescue, Police, Commercial Organisations


Expert in design, manufacturing of retractable foiling and servo-controlled systems or any other stabilization solutions for motorboats.

Our field of expertise:

  • Studies,
  • R&D,
  • Proof of concept,
  • Any project in the following sectors: Defence, Rescue, Oil & Gas, Passenger Transport.


Significant improved navigation conditions for crew on board:

Substantial reduction of fatigue & injuries

Enhanced performance

  • +20% average speed,
  • -20% to -35% fuel consumption depending on payload and sea state,
  • Increased operating range at sea by at least 20%.

Enhanced cognitive benefits

Sea-keeping performance & efficiency even in rough conditions

  • Quiet running & discretion (less drag, less waves, less noises),
  • Safety on board in the most demanding conditions during missions,
  • Increased stability: shooting during navigation (missiles guidance, etc.) better data acquisition for usv.

2019-2021 Project:

bateau de SEAIR


  • 1st test and launching in Dec. 2020,
  • Project carried out with ALFUSCO: Lorient Special Forces,
  • Research carried out with IRBA: Army Health Laboratory.
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bateau de SEAIR

TRANSFLYTOR : SEAir leader of a major European Defence project

In an ever-changing geopolitical context, defence and security capacities are challenged. Interventions at seas require to transport few specialized people, far away, at a maximal speed. TRANSFLYTOR aims to design a disruptive high-speed 20m long vessel, using ground-breaking retractable hydrofoil systems. The vessel will be able to navigate using hydrofoils on deep sea during transit phases, and without hydrofoils in shallow water or during approach phases.
Hydrofoils will be automatically regulated to get more stability (shocks reduced by up to 50%), increase the average speed and reach a max speed (45 kts), while decreasing a lot fuel consumption (-30%). Specific propulsion systems, compatible with the hydrofoils, will ensure both to reach high speeds and to discretely approach the operational point. The general arrangement and deck equipment will allow long range navigations, furtivity, and versatility of the boat.
The project will use an innovative approach based on cutting-edge simulation tools, which will enable to by-pass prototype stage and tank tests: i) accelerate time-to-market (commercialisation planned as of 2028); ii) dramatically reduce development costs. This boat will be designed to specifically meet European Special Forces needs, complying with Navies, naval and NATO standards. In the future, the core design will ease further development of large high-speed boats for other military or civilian applications (rescue, environment, wind farm, CTV…).

The project gathers tree European SMEs and an academic laboratory:
SEAir (FR), coordinator of the project, has proven experience with hydrofoil and regulation systems.
Tuco Marine (DK) is a renowned boat builder experienced in military patrol boats.
D3 Applied Technologies (SP) has specific expertise in the design of high-performance boats (profiles, seakeeping, and stability behaviour).
Ecole Navale-IRENAV (FR) is a renowned naval academic laboratory with expertise in hydrodynamics and fluid structure interactions.

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